Intro to Gong Fu Tea

Do you feel called to start exploring the amazing world of tea? Great! Brewing tea in the gong fu style is one of the best ways to enjoy tea while developing a deeper relationship with yourself. But, the process for getting started can feel daunting. At least, this was the feeling I experienced when tea came into my life in 2015.

“What teas should I try?” “Do I need a special teapot?”

“How much leaf do I put in?” “Is boiling water the right temperature?”

“Am I doing this right…?”

All of these questions and more flowed through my head when I first began my journey with tea. Helping you get answers to all of these questions is one of the main reasons I created this course.

I’m going to help you cut through the confusion—to not only learn how to properly brew and pour tea on your own and in ceremony with others but make sure you understand the fundamentals of practicing with tea so you can naturally build your own relationship with it over time. Tea has been such a profound teacher for me. It’s no understatement when I say that tea has transformed my life. Now, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

In this course, I’ll walk you step-by-step through the entire process of brewing and serving tea in gong fu style. With high-quality videos (that aren't too long) and in-depth demonstrations of the processes involved, you’ll start your journey with gong fu tea today, and begin experiencing the life-changing benefits gong fu practice has on the mind, body, and spirit.